Peter Mac staff and students are committed to publishing their research in peer-reviewed scientific journals.


Publications for 2020  (to date) and
publications for 2019  are available.

Significant publications for 2020

AbdulJabbar K, Raza SEA, Rosenthal R, Jamal-Hanjani M, Veeriah S, Akarca A, Lund T, Moore DA, Salgado R, Al Bakir M, Zapata L, Hiley CT, Officer L, Sereno M, Smith CR, Loi S, Hackshaw A, Marafioti T, Quezada SA, McGranahan N, Le Quesne J, TRACERx Consortium, Swanton C, Yuan Y. Geospatial immune variability illuminates differential evolution of lung adenocarcinoma. Nature Medicine 2020;26:1054-62.

Britt KL, Cuzick J, Phillips KA. Key steps for effective breast cancer prevention. Nature Reviews Cancer 2020;20:417-36.

Burtness B, Zhang Y, Harrington KJ, Rischin D. Further clinical interpretation and implications of KEYNOTE-048 findings – Authors’ reply. Lancet 2020;396:379-80.

Byrne A, Savas P, Sant S, Li R, Virassamy B, Luen SJ, Beavis PA, Mackay LK, Neeson PJ, Loi S. Tissue-resident memory T cells in breast cancer control and immunotherapy responses. Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology 2020;17:341-8.